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Valerie Travis
Valerie Travis bespoke benefit solutions

Our Story

     In 2016, we left the familiarity and comfort of Ontario, to pursue an opportunity within the consulting firm I worked with and write a new chapter in British Columbia.  With family and friends all in Ontario, BC was only a beautiful place we’d visited on vacation.

     Soon I learned the nuances of how BC and Ontario companies differ in culture, industry, and organization.  I also learned Canadian employers face common challenges coast to coast in their pursuit of affordable benefit programs that drive engagement and wellbeing. 


     Clients questioned whether their benefits were lagging.  However, they also questioned whether employees understood their coverage.  If the plan was improved, how could they know satisfaction would increase?


     I led a focus group for an employer who was considering adding a new benefit and wanted to know if it would be used and appreciated.  It was revealing to hear employees say it was challenging to navigate and access the many services and benefits already available – and that they wanted the company to improve this first.


     Making benefits easier to use can increase employee satisfaction – before adding coverage or services.  I found many clients realized the power of effective benefits communication.  However, hiring a team was beyond their budget, leaving them trying to find time to do it themselves.

Toronto Ontario Canada Image by Gautam Suri

sound familiar?

     I’ve worked with passionate HR professionals driven to enhance their employees’ wellbeing and the impact of their benefit program.  Together we designed innovative strategies to achieve their vision.  Too often though these projects stalled at the approval or implementation stages.  Clients just didn’t have time or resources to coordinate their internal teams (leadership, finance, payroll, IT, talent) and a successful launch.


     This was all completely understandable.


     Urgent business priorities often relegate benefits initiatives to the “someday” pile.   Adding HR staff might not be the answer, as it requires approvals, time, money, and a long-term commitment.


     I felt their regret when they saw projects sidelined, and disappointment that they hadn’t yet implemented the vision they’d developed.  I heard their concern that they weren’t getting full value for dollars invested into the benefit program.

     Does any of this sound familiar?


     I experienced this myself when I managed the benefit programs of a large Canadian corporation.  Your peers and competitors have had these struggles too, especially as the demands of business accelerate.

a project-based partner

     Seeing that a project-based approach would solve many of these challenges, I founded bespoke benefit solutions

     If HR professionals had access to a project-based partner, they could move these benefits initiatives forward efficiently.

     When we tailor our support to fit their needs, gaps, and budget, they have the flexibility to leverage existing resources.


     Offering our support on a project basis keeps the relationship simple, as no long-term commitment is required.

     Whether I was part of a small, medium, or large consulting firm, sometimes clients had unique requests beyond our standard services.  A benefits advisor can’t be everything to every client.  That’s why we can work as a cohesive team with your advisor, focused on your goals.

passion led us here, Image by Ian Schneider
Vancouver BC Canada Image by Jeffrey Eisen

together on this journey

     The pace of our world is steadily increasing.  Many vendors are moving toward more standardization, less customization, more talk about what they offer, and less discussion to understand what you need.

     There’s a feeling you get when you hear something is “bespoke”.   You know it’s made for you, made specifically to fit you.  It’s special when someone takes the time to learn what’s important to you.  It’s even more special when someone is interested in learning your strengths, to identify where they could fill gaps. 

     That’s why at bespoke benefit solutions you’ll be heard, be challenged, and be supported as we work together toward your goals.     

     I invite you to get to know our values and unique approach through Our Commitment to You.  We look forward to exploring how bespoke benefit solutions could be the right fit for your team. 

     We want you to be proud and confident of the program you’ve thoughtfully designed and implemented, and for your employees to understand and appreciate it.   


     We hope to join you on this journey.

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