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Is It Time To SuperFlex Your Benefit Plan?

It's time to find out at the IFEBP's 2023

Surveys continue to show employee benefits are a key factor driving attraction, retention, and culture.

But today's workplaces bring together multiple generations with

diverse wellness, family, and health needs.

Designing a cost-effective benefits plan that appeals to all employees can be a challenge.

Is more choice the right choice for your organization?

Can a meaningful flex plan be simple?

Join us as we explore ...

  • Different approaches to benefits flexibility, and how to know which is best for your & your employees;

  • Critical factors to consider before embarking on a flexible benefits plan (or super-flexing your existing program);

  • How listening before leaping set Pattison Outdoor Advertising on the right path for their employees; and

  • How to build a sustainable flex plan that drives participation and appreciation.


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