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Meaningful Employee Benefit Surveys & Focus Groups to Drive Engagement

Join us August 7th - 10th, 2022 at the ISCEBS Annual Employee Benefits Symposium in Toronto, for practical & effective tools you can use!

As an employer competing for talent, you know that employee benefits are a key factor driving attraction & retention.

However, with the wave of new benefit programs & services entering the marketing, do you find your team debating which ones will bring the most employee appreciation for your investment?

To design a competitive benefit program for a diverse population within budget, you need to first learn what your employees want, need, understand, and value. And this session will help!

Join us to learn how to gather actionable employee insights through meaningful surveys & focus groups, as well as how well-constructed questions can avoid the pitfalls of creating unattainable expectations or unusable data.

We'll discuss ...

  • Why learning what your plan members understand, think, and feel can drive more value from your existing benefit plan

  • Best practices to gain meaningful insights and actionable data from your plan members, and

  • How employee surveys & focus groups can build acceptance of new programs & changes


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