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Shine A Light On Your Benefits

Communication strategies to drive more impact from your employee benefit program

Register to join live Nov 9, 2021 or by replay:

Surveys have also shown more than half of employers believing employees don’t understand benefits communications materials (if they even open them!), don’t know what coverage they have, and don’t know how to use it.
However, surveys also show benefits coverage influences more than 70% of Canadian employees when deciding whether to stay with their employer or take a new job offer.
Then consider the time and resources you’ve dedicated to designing, implementing, and funding your benefit program.
Creating an impactful benefits communication strategy can maximize value on your investment – keeping employees happy and healthy, and attracting and retaining top talent.
After all, employees can’t appreciate what they don’t understand!
This workshop will provide the tools you need to create your own effective communication strategy.

What You’ll Take Away

- Why an impactful and well-planned benefits communication strategy is essential — especially now
- How to uncover communication gaps — and measure results
- Practical tools to build your own communication strategy — and drive the most value from your benefit plan
- Going from here: How to leverage your new communication strategy when considering future plan changes


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